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Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. That’s what we believe at High Point Dentistry. My team and I understand that a healthy smile is key to your overall health, self-esteem and confidence. We strive every day to provide our patients with the oral health care and education they need to keep their smile for a lifetime.

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📣HPD friends and family, we need your help to pick our Cake Challenge Champion! ✨All team members received a mystery dental item that they needed to include in their cake design.

Please vote for your favorite in the comments! ⬇️Comfort is our priority and we’re thrilled to hear it’s making a difference! 🌟 Thank you for the wonderful review Mary!📸🦷 Smile, it’s time to capture those pearly whites! 🌟 Yesterday our team leveled up our photo-taking skills and practiced on each other! So next time we’re tugging on your cheeks to get just the right angle…we know how it feels! 😉

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