Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Neuroproteins can be used to help relax muscles to reduce the appearance of expression fine lines and facial wrinkles. Common areas that we treat are frown lines between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet” around the eyes, and horizontal forehead wrinkles. Neuroproteins can also be used to help patients suffering from jaw pain or to help create a slimming effect with the jawline. No anesthetic is needed for treatment and the procedure time is pretty quick! 


Will it hurt?

A numbing agent will be used prior to treatment. Dr. Miranda uses very fine needles to inject the neuroproteins so that you barely feel a pinch!

How quickly will I see results and how long will it last?

The neuroproteins take up to two weeks to exert their full clinical effect, however some patients start to see results after a few days. Every patient is unique and treatment is individually tailored so we like to have patients back two weeks after initial treatment to provide enhancements as needed. Treatment can last for three to six months!

What happens if I stop getting treatment?

As the effects wear off your muscle strength will gradually return and the wrinkles will reappear; however, they will not be any worse than they were before!

Is there anything special I need to do before or after treatment?


With any injection there is a risk of bleeding and bruising. For this reason we recommend that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours before treatment, avoid use of anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications before treatment, and do not schedule treatment prior to any special event. 


No straining, lifting, or heavy exercise after treatment. The neuroproteins take time to bind to the nerve and we do not want to increase circulation to the area and potentially have the neuroprotein get washed away from where it was injected. For this same reason we do not want you to touch, massage, or manipulate your face and/or injection sites. Makeup may be applied after treatment.