Safer at Home: Tooth Fairy Mallory Time!

We all have a little bit more time on our hands now. All of us at High Point Dentistry know it’s not always fun to be stuck in the house. That’s why our Tooth Fairy In-Residence, Mallory, wants to use this time to encourage healthy habits! 

Here are a few ideas of Mallory’s things to focus on:

  • Brushing your teeth for a full 2 minutes
  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Keeping your mind and brain active

Songs to Brush By

Why does Mallory want you to brush for two minutes? Because we want you to spend 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth. One way to help would be to pick a song and either play it in your head or play it on your phone when you brush your teeth. This can be especially helpful for little ones who get distracted easily! 

  • ABCs
  • Paw Patrol theme song
  • Sesame Street theme song
  • Baby Shark
  • And here are a few for the “tweens” and older group…
  • MMMBop – Hanson 
  • Blue – Eiffel 65  
  • Dancing Queen – ABBA
  • We’re all in this together – High School Musical
  • Shake it off – Taylor Swift

Healthy Teeth Snacks

  • Apples  – The fibrous content of apples help cleanse your teeth and can act like a toothbrush in helping to remove plaque. The natural acidity of apples also helps to fight off bacteria that can create bad breath!
  • Celery – The stringy nature of celery gives your mouth a good workout and helps to clean your teeth and massage your gums. The chewing workout also produces extra saliva in your mouth to help neutralize bad bacteria.
  • Cheese – With high levels of phosphate and calcium, cheese can naturally help strengthen teeth and bones while helping to balance the pH levels in your mouth to help reduce harmful cavity producing acid.
  • Yogurt – (Unsweetened) yogurt contains both casein and calcium which are key nutrients in strengthening and remineralizing enamel, the hard outer surface of your teeth.

Keep Your Brain Working

Keeping your mind busy and focused during these unsettling times will help your overall mental health. We have creating some activity pages to help promote mental wellness. Coloring pages benefit your mood because your brain experiences relief and enters a meditative state which can help reduce stress and anxiety levels for children and adults! Word games and puzzles can help reinforce connections between brain cells to improve memory and problem solving skills as well as help with visual and spatial reasoning. The dopamine rush that is released upon completion of these activities will enhance your mood and lift your spirits!

We’ve got a free goody bag of dental treats for any child that brings in completed coloring sheets to help us decorate our “kids corner” at High Point Dentistry when we re-open!

Coloring Sheet
Coloring Sheet
Word Search
Crossword Puzzle